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Your Elite Team for Managing Your Bailiff Services Right The First Time

About Us

Elite Bailiff Services Ltd. has over 30 years of experience providing the following services:

  • Commercial Rent Distress
    • When commercial leases are in arrears we can advise and act in the best interests of the landlord.
  • Asset Recovery
    • We have recovered assets as far away as Serbia, Mexico and the United States.
    • Asset Recovery of Seizures by US Homeland Security and Canadian Border Services.
    • We also have the highest recovery on sales of assets in BC.
  • Account Management
    • We welcome the opportunity to work with any accounts that you have written-off.
    • We have a success rate of 99.5% on all accounts.
    • We will actively follow an account until concluded.
    • We work jointly with other bailiffs and repossession firms throughout North America to recover assets.
    • Upon repossession of an asset we can provide you with a condition report with estimated values and pictures by e-mail.
  • End Of Term Lease Management
    • Assets such as, but not limited to, electronic office equipment, computers, photocopiers and vehicles.
    • We provide asset management at end of term including arranging pickup, storage and appropriate disposal.
  • Repair And Storage Liens
    • Garage and service facilities that require lien placement or asset recovery.
  • Court Order Enforcement
  • Sale and Disposal of Assets
    • We provide web based marketing through our repobc.com and elitebaiff.com websites.  Customers are able to be auto notified regarding assets as they are posted to the website.
    • Our Langley location is open to the public 6 days of the week to allow viewing and retail sales of assets.
    • Cleaning and detailing of assets as required to maximize return at time of sale.
    • Insurance claims recovery for vehicle assets to provide enhanced resale value
  • Storage of Recovered Assets
    • Recovered assets are stored in our fenced 2.0 acre lot or secure, heated dry storage can be provided in our 14,000 square foot warehouse.
    • Our fenced yard and warehouse are equipped with a video security system, a loading bay that can accommodate highway trailers and a ramp for smaller vehicles.  A forklift is available for loading and unloading.
    • We can arrange for shipping of all assets.
    • Guard dogs are on duty 24 hours a day to further secure our premises.

Elite Bailiff Services is licenced through the British Columbia Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority (BPCPA) in addition to being bonded and insured.  Our mission and business objective is to work with our clients towards providing maximum returns in the shortest time frame possible. 

Our many years of collective experience and a broad knowledge of the PPSA give our clients a decided advantage.  We value the relationships with our clients and we actively work toward providing a dedicated, ethical and professional approach to all our clients work.

We have worked extensively with large (and small) financial institutions and companies and would be pleased to provide references upon request.